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Your feedback is an important part of how we maintain the high level of service we feel you deserve. We love when you turn the table on us and put a smile on our faces. Below are some of your smile-worthy words of encouragement.

"Dr. Judy is a true 'family' dentist. She has taken care of each member of our family from my mother to my children to my in-laws. Her manner is nurturing and her care is so detail-oriented, I am convinced we are getting wonderful care."

- Patricia, Homewood, IL
"For many years, I had a lot of dental problems. I was often in pain and felt embarrassed to smile. When I finally decided to get dental implants, Dr. Judy worked closely with me to make sure I was happy with the results. I can now say that I smile a lot, have much more confidence, and I no longer have pain. When my wife and I moved from Illinois to Crown Point, Indiana, we did not choose a local dentist because we felt Dr. Judy's care is definitely worth the 45-minute drive into Flossmoor. Dr. Judy and her staff are always warm and inviting, and our visits are always pleasant."

- Karl, Crown Point, IN
"My name is Beth and I have been a patient of Dr. Judy Johnson for over ten years now. Before that time my search for a dentist that fit my needs was nothing but a stress filled struggle. Up to that time no one was able to solve my difficult dental issues until I met Dr. Judy Johnson. Dr. Judy Johnson's love of dentistry was felt by me through the care, understanding, and enormous patience and effort that she exhibited in her work solving my difficult dental problems. The enthusiasm she showed in solving my issues was amazing. She exudes a friendliness and a warmth that makes me feel comfortable and relaxed during my appointment. Many times I actually look forward to coming to her office just to talk. As a patient, I find her very approachable day or night with questions regarding my dental problems. Anyone would do well by having Dr. Judy Johnson as their family dentist. P.S. - Too bad she can't be cloned."

- Beth, Park Forest, IL
"Going to the dentist is something I used to equate to on the same level as buying a car. I loathed it. It's hard to trust someone whom I feel is only looking to make money off of me. Well, Judy has since changed my perception. My wife and I drive over an hour to come see Judy (not to mention we flew in from out of state during the time we didn’t live in IL), because she is highly educated and skilled at what she does, but more importantly, she’s earned my trust because she always gives me an honest assessment of what really needs to be done and what I need to look out for to prevent extra work from being done. What I love the most about Judy and her team is they have a family-like kindness about them that makes me, a natural introvert, feel very comfortable. If they had a fridge in the office, I imagine they'd very much have a 'help yourself' attitude."

- Luis, Barrington, IL